About me


My name is Michael (Mikhail) M. Mints, in the Internet I also use a nickname Amdir.

About me: I was born in Moscow in 1982, graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities in 2004 and defended my Ph.D. thesis at the same university in 2007.  Since 2008, I have worked at the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences (Moscow).  My main research interests are the history of the Soviet Union, the history of Stalinism, the history of World War II, the USSR’s preparation for the future war in 1921–1941.

I received the Fulbright grant in 2012 and worked at the Kennan Institute, Washington, for six months in 2012–13.

On this Web site, I tried to collect all the materials that, I suppose, could be interesting not only for myself.  You will find here my publications and reviews, my photos and some other more or less serious things.  I still can’t manage to update this site regularly, but I try to do it at least from time to time.  You are welcome :-)

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