In order not to make the list too long, I only give here links to those resources that I use more or less regularly myself, except well-known ones 🙂

Searching the Books in the Internet

Library Genesis An electronic library of academic and technical literature, reference books and educational materials, one of the largest electronic libraries in the Russian Internet.
Sci-Hub An on-line service for downloading articles from academic journals (in Russian).

Resources about J. R. R. Tolkien and His Works

Tolkien Society of Saint-Petersburg
Arda-na-Kulichkakh The most famous and rich one of Russian resources devoted to the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien and to the Russian Tolkien fandom.  New materials are added very seldom in recent years, unfortunately. Rather a new Web site with a good collection of articles and translations; new materials are added regularly (in Russian). (In Russian.)
Tolkien Texts Translation An informal association, specializes in professional translation of works by J. R. R. Tolkien, first of all of the drafts (in Russian).


Dmitrii Godkin a.k.a. Arthoron A personal blog with lots of posts on history and about books by J. R. R. Tolkien (in Russian).
Irina Solovieva A site on psychology with lots of materials, including for non-specialist audiences (in Russian).
Lidia Ni A personal blog (in Russian).
Konstantin Kokarev A personal blog (in Russian).
Anastasia Golovina A personal blog (in Russian).
Anastasia Golovina, architecture A blog on architecture (in Russian), the author is a professional conservation architect.


2GIS A commercial server, all the updates are made by employees of the 2GIS company.  Very good maps, a lot of information about organizations in each building.  The only problem is that the 2GIS maps cover only those cities where there are branches of the company.
OpenStreetMap A popular cartographic wiki server.  Unlike WikiMapia, is focused on making an electronic topographic map of the world.  OpenStreetMap is especially useful if you are interested in information about somewhere in the country.
WikiMapia An open-content collaborative mapping project that aims to mark and describe all geographical objects in the world.  Are you sure you know everything about your town/neighbourhood? 😉

Other Interesting Resources

Dr. Web An anti-virus software I have successfully used for many years 🙂
Foreca A very convenient Finnish Web site with weather forecasts for many places all over the world (interface in English, Russian and many other languages).
Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences (Moscow) An institute where I work 🙂
Novaya Gazeta One of the few really independent newspapers that still exist in Russia. Schedules of trains and plains, ticket booking etc. (in Russian).