Bibliography on Tolkien Studies

In this bibliography I tried to list, firstly, the ‘paper’ (not electronic) publications in Russian that appeared in the post-Soviet time and deal with the J. R. R. Tolkien’s fiction (except publications of primary sources and those works which are already accessible in the Internet), and secondly, the papers in English, French and German that can be found in Russian libraries (except, again, publications of primary sources and those texts which have already been posted in the Internet). I added the shortened names of these libraries to the references to the Western works; by now, in the list there are books from the Russian State Library (РГБ), that is the former Lenin Library and is still often referred to as Leninka; from the Library of Foreign Literature, or Inostranka (ВГБИЛ); and from the library of the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences (ИНИОН).

I am going to add new references every few months or so. Each update will be posted in the blog at the same time, so that it would be more easy to trace them. Our institute receives all the books and journals in Russian on social sciences and humanities, so the Russian part of this bibliography, I hope, will sooner or later contain all the papers in Russian on Tolkien studies that appear (I’ll be grateful for any corrections or additional information). As to the current foreign works, there are quite few of them in Russian libraries so that one has to search literature almost on any topic in several libraries and in the Internet as well (specialists on Tolkien are in relatively good situation); in such conditions, information about books that can nevertheless be found in the libraries, may be useful :-)

Download the bibliography (PDF, 147 Kb, in Russian).

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