Washington, the downtown

All the pictures are clickable, as usually 🙂

The White House, the northern front

A monument to Lafayette in front of the White House

In early December: a chanukkiyah on the left, a Christmas tree on the right, and the White House in the middle 😉

The Old Post Office Pavilion

The Capitol. You can see also the cupola of the Library of Congress building on the right.

Inside the main building of the Smithsonian Institution (Smithsonian Castle)

A view of Arlington Cemetery and R. Lee Memorial from the Arlington Memorial Bridge

The Lincoln Memorial in the western part of the National Mall looks like an ancient temple:

The Reflecting Pool between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument (by the way, it’s both the world’s tallest stone structure and the world’s tallest obelisk) is designed in such a way that it’s only the statue of Lincoln inside the memorial that can ‘see’ the reflection of the top of the obelisk:

The Jefferson Memorial has a similar design, a nice roof over the statue:


The Franklin Roosevelt Memorial is a large complex of several sculptural compositions dedicated to different periods of his presidency:

Roosevelt and his dog. Notice the ‘cleaned’ parts 😉

One more dog. It couldn’t understand at all why all these humans, including it’s masters, had gone crazy at the same time, had put it on that strange thing and had begun taking pictures of it 😉

The entrance of the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial looks especially nice in the days of cherry blossom.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is also quite interesting: the statue looks as if it were breaking away from a rock and making a gate in it.  In the background is a stone wall with King’s sayings:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a picture of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, which is the central part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Here are the photographs of the other two compositions in front of it:

The Three Soldiers

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial

The memorial to Washingtonians who took part in the First World War

The Second World War Memorial is much bigger:

Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  Green dollars are born here 😉


The building of the Department of State is not an interesting one ;-(

A student? 😉

A part of the Grant Memorial.  Notice the sabre or, more exactly, its absence 😉

General Grant is popular among the pigeons 😉

After a tour into the Capitol

The Washington Monument was under repair after the 2011 earthquake, so I couldn’t get to the observation platform. In scaffolding, the obelisk looks like a space rocket on a launching pad.