Until the War is not Declared…

I’ll use an opportunity until the Internet is still accessible and the freedom of speech is not cancelled according to the martial law. The war against Ukraine, if it really begins, – God save us from it! – IS NOT MY WAR. I don’t think it’s necessary, I don’t think it’s just, I haven’t authorized the Russian government to spend my taxes for it. I regard the yesterday’s decision of the Federation Council sanctioning the military intervention into the events in Ukraine as criminal and irresponsible, as well as the current operations of the Russian troops in the Crimea. I feel ashamed that these crimes are committed on behalf of my country.

The war against Ukraine, if it takes place, will be the greatest evil Russia can do not only to Ukraine, but also to herself, even if no other country takes part in the conflict. The today’s policy of Moscow has nothing to do not only with the international law, but also with the national interests of Russia. The war against Ukraine will bring neither freedom, nor prosperity, nor respect of the neighbours to Russia – only blood and devastation. It’s neither ‘rising from knees’ nor restoration of a great power. It’s ‘just’ a shortest way to the catastrophe.

Maybe it would be better to stop, until it’s not too late?