Washington, part 1

At last I’ve put my American photos in order. There are quite a lot of them, in spite of all my attempts to filter out uninteresting ones, so I’ll divide them into several galleries. Hope they’ll be interesting for you too 🙂 Most of them were made in Washington where I spent six months and had a good opportunity to study the city rather carefully, at least the downtown. Let me start with just some interesting pictures without any general subject:


Памятник Лонгфелло

A monument to Henry W. Longfellow


Памятник ветеранам всех войн Соединённых Штатов с 1776 по 1976 год

A monument to all the veterans of all the U.S. wars from 1776 till 1976

Площадь Колумба и железнодорожный вокзал

Columbus Circle and the Union Station

Ворота Чайна-Тауна

The entrance to Chinatown

Take note of the slabs lifted by the roots 🙂

An unobtrusive reminder that it’s not a good idea to go over the speed limit 😉

The former Naval Observatory, now is used as a residence of the vice-president:

The Pentagon. It looks more interesting from an aeroplane, but I managed to take a picture only from the ground ;-(

Navy and Marine Memorial, dedicated to all the Americans who have perished in the sea.

The National Cathedral, a view from the southern bank of the Potomac. Only from this point one can see how huge it is.