Washington, part 2

Let’s continue our walk along Washington:

My home, my sweet home 😉 My window is in the attic 🙂

This nice old Ent guards the entrance. You can see him in the previous picture, to the left of the house.

A deer from the nearby park came to our backyard from time to time.

My street:

The downtown was not so far from my home, it was no problem to get there on foot, but in took about an hour and a half, so usually I took the metro:

The trains are produced in Italy, that’s why the cars are rather streamlined. The ‘native’ American cars are more angular.

Some more houses:

The National Cathedral was only some ten minutes on foot from my home:

A bit farther one can find also a Russian church:

…And a Greek one:

As I have already written, squirrels make an integral part of Washington’s landscape, but it happened to be not so simple to photograph them. I only got some more or less successful pictures shortly before my departure − thanks to my friend who was diverting the object’s attention while I was taking photographs:

In between times, I had the opportunity to watch the presidential election:

…And to celebrate Halloween:

The periodic table in a bar looks a bit equivocal 😉

It’s not the camera, but the photographer who’s taking pictures, it’s not the drum, but the musician who’s playing. And if there’s no drum, one can manage even with an empty trash can. At least these two guys were playing marvellously 🙂

Finally, just before my departure back to Russia I managed to see also the famous Washington cherry blossom. Along the trees, the Japanese presented the Americans an annual amusement; lots of people from everywhere in America (and not only in America) come to Washington every year to see it:

To be continued…


  1. С сакурой очень сложно подгадать – она цветёт буквально недели две. В последних числах марта, когда я уже в Сиэтл собирался, она только зацветала, а в десятых числах апреля, когда я останавливался ещё раз в Ди-Си по пути в Москву, уже осыпаться начала 😉

  2. Да, она распускаться начала где-то всего через пару дней после твоего приезда. Но в Нью-Йорке ведь тоже где-то сакура есть, насколько я понимаю?

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