March of Peace, 15 March

‘Change yourself and the world will change too’

On the left – ‘Shame on the invaders of the Crimea!’, on the right – ‘Stop lying!’.


‘Putin is a tsar of fools and scoundrels’

‘Let’s defend the Russians in London!’

A play on words is untranslatable, but an approximate meaning is ‘Olympics-1980 – Afghanistan – end of the Soviet Union; Olympics-2014 – Ukraine – end of junta of swindlers and thieves’.

‘Kremlin’s psychiatrist and/or narcologist, take the nuclear weapon push-button away from the patient!’

A mix of English and Russian – ‘Gaaga’ is the Hague 😉

A placard made of a tennis racket and a bag from a supermarket. I couldn’t see the notice, unfortunately 😉

‘An enmity with Yaroshists will not justify a military aggression!’

‘Vova [Vladimir Putin], calm down!’

‘Attention! A violent patient has escaped. Diagnosis: hypertoxical schizophrenia.’ I couldn’t chose which of two photos is better 😉


‘Be careful – Putin!’

‘Putriots [“Putin” + “patriots”], come to senses! When the euphoria is over – a heavy hangover will come!!!’

‘“There’s no Russian soldiers in Chechnya!” – Minister of defence Pavel Grachev, 26 November 1994.’ In November 1994, war against Chechnya had not officially begun yet, but Russian soldiers and officers were already taking part in hostilities between different groupings of Chechen separatists.

‘Militarism is more dangerous than war’

‘Freedom to the prisoners of 6 May!’ (Prisoners of 6 May are those who were arrested after the March of Millions 6 May 2012.)

On the left: ‘Sarajevo 1914 = Kiev 2014’, on the right is one more mix of English and Russian: ‘salo’ is (hog’s) lard 🙂