March of Peace, 21 September

Our opponents were rather active this time.  No comments, only some translations:

‘Stop the Ukrainian Nazi army that is killing the civil population of Donbass!’


‘Shame on helpers of Kiev junta! Russia is bringing peace to the people of Ukraine.’

‘Democracy is the primary source of corruption.’

‘The USA and Great Britain are sponsors of world wars and genocide all over the world.’

‘We wish there were an oprichnina for you! Blood of killed Donbass inhabitants lies on you, traitors, as well! People demand repressions!’

You can also see the flag that looks like the Ribbon of Saint George which used to be widely associated with the commemoration of World War II, but now became a symbol of radical Russian nationalists.

Our demonstration was also crowded:

It was rather funny to see the Ukrainian restaurant ‘Taras Bulba’ on our way:

As I have already written, there were less placards than previously, but there were many nevertheless, and they were interesting:

‘Shoygu, withdraw the paid army from Ukraine!’ Then probably something like ‘If Putin needs it, then do you and does the country need it?!’

‘Shall we continue the war—and there will be NamKrysh!’ NamKrysh is a word-play: KrymNash means ‘the Crimea is ours’, NamKrysh means something like ‘it’s all up with us’.

‘Putin has Crimeaed the future of Russia.’

‘I’m against presence of polite and regular soldiers on leave and other mercenaries in Ukraine.’

‘Lifelong dictatorship=perpetual war.’

‘If we are the fifth column, then you are Ward No. 6.’

‘Putins, Poroshenkos, Matvienkos, Yatsenyuks! Send your children to Donetsk. A peaceful decision will be found IMMEDIATELY!’

From the right to the left: ‘Somebody would like everything to become like in North Korea as soon as possible’ (a poetry in original), ‘Hitler kaput’, on one side of the medal—‘For villainy’, on the other side—‘Fascism is a lie told by bullies. (Ernest Hemingway)’.

‘The Russian Federation Criminal Code, Article 353—planning, preparing, unleashing or conducting aggressive war—up to 20 years.’

‘Don’t look for enemies, look for friends!’

‘Be careful—aid.’

‘Don’t allow the war of the Moscow Horde—KhazaRussia against Kievan Rus’—Ukraine.’

‘This is not a war between Ukraine and Russia, but between dignity and being like cattle. Which side is thine?’

‘Absolute power has become absolutely corrupted.’

‘If only I want, I’ll swallow the moon as well.’—a line from the poetic tale by Korney Chukovlky about a crocodile who has stolen the sun. The notice on the crocodile’s stomach means ‘the Crimea is ours’.