The bibliography of Middle-earth, version 2

"Библиография Средиземья", обложкаThe second version of my bibliography on Tolkien has finally been printed on paper and is now available online as well.  After the first version was published, two of my colleagues sent me so much additional material that it took me almost one more year to finish the second version, but the number of references has increased from 2,500 to 3,100.  I’ve added, in particular, a lot of new literature into the section on the languages of Tolkien.  Besides that, the new version contains references to all the articles on Tolkien from the Anor journal.  An alphabetical index of the authors has appeared at the end of the book.

While I was working upon this version of the bibliography, it has become partly outdated because after 24 February, ProQuest closed their resources for Russian users in protest against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.  I didn’t remove the references to ProQuest—partly because they may be useful for those colleagues who had to leave Russia, and partly in hope that the access will be restored after the war when Russia joins the civilized countries again.

As I had too much work with the second version, I didn’t manage to finish the English version of this bibliography yet, but I hope to publish it next year 🙂