The second day in the new reality

…had a surprising beginning. A strange man (pretending to be) from the police woke us up at a quarter past six this morning ringing at the door, to “warn” me against “taking part in unauthorized meetings and rallies”. (Actually all the oppositional meetings and rallies had been almost completely prohibited in Russia long before the invasion of Ukraine, officially due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The prohibition doesn’t cover pro-Putin rallies and other mass events organized officially by the authorities.) Two more persons came a half an hour later, they obviously didn’t know anything about the previous visitor. Of course we didn’t let them come in. I suppose they probably came for the first time yesterday afternoon: my mother preferred to ignore the calls from the door phone. Can’t say what was the reason for such a careful attention, because—to my shame—I’ve never taken part in any unauthorized events; will see how things turn out.