Bibliography of Middle-earth, version 1

Finally I have finished a “full-scale” bibliography on Tolkien. This is the Russian version of it, the English version is still in process.

The bibliography consists of two parts, part one “Primary sources” is designed not as a bibliographic list, but as an overview that describes shortly all the main components of the body of published works by Tolkien, mostly with references to the first printings; to make a full list of all the publications of his writings is already rather a complicated task. Part two “Research literature” is a traditional bibliographic list divided into topical sections. The list isn’t comprehensive, of course, but I hope it covers at least the most important books and papers. Materials published in Tolkien Studies, Journal of Tolkien Research, Mallorn are listed almost entirely, materials from Vinyar Tengwar and Parma Eldalamberon are also listed almost entirely (they include both primary and secondary sources). Articles on Tolkien from Mythlore and Journal of Inklings Studies are also put in the list. I only had to ignore the oldest issues of Vinyar Tengwar, Mythlore and Mallorn because available scans are of poor quality. I’ve also listed all the books from Cormarë series. The amateur publications are listed along with the professional ones.

I thought all of this would take me a half-year or a year, but it took me actually a year and a half. On the other hand, it fortuned that I made this bibliography right by the anniversary of Tolkien 😉

I hope the guide will be useful for researchers, especially for beginners. I’m going to add new information at least once a year. Will be grateful for any corrections or additional information 🙂