Learning How to Use Tor

Censorship in the Internet has still only a limited scale in Russia, but the message ‘The Web page you are requesting has been blocked according a court decision’ has already appeared in the window of my browser several times, so I decided to find a solution for this problem before it becomes really serious and learned how to use the Tor network.  The technical details are described in Wikipedia, and the best way for a quick start is to visit the official Web site of the Tor project and to download the so called Tor Browser which includes a set of programs to work with Tor and a copy of Mozilla Firefox with a special configuration (and with the Adobe Flash Player plug-in being turned off as it can undermine your anonymity).  To my surprise, it really turned out to work ‘out of the box’, without any manual configuration; all the Web pages I tried to read opened fast enough and with no errors, including the pages that are blocked in Russia.  Thanks a lot to the developers and to the numerous Tor volunteers—owners of the Tor nodes!  Hope the Russian government won’t prohibit the Tor itself as it has been done in China and Iran.  Anyway, at least now, the Russian users who prefer to choose their sources of information by themselves have got a real opportunity to do so.